Wish Upon a Moon

Wish Upon A Moon

New Moon in Leo,

July 23, 2017:

New York.....5:45 a.m. London.......10:45 a.m.

Sydney.........7:45 p.m.

The New Moon is the ideal time for starting a new project or setting intentions for attaining new goals. This phase of the moon represents the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and occurs about every 29 days, which means sometimes we get to experience the New Moon magic twice in one month!

This July New Moon will occur in the sign of Leo, a fire sign perfect for energizing your intentions. If there is something you need to begin, or there is a person or situation that you know you need to walk away from, now is the time to do it because you'll have the presence of the New Moon to give you a major boost.

On the day of the New Moon (or up to eight hours after it occurs - please see time table above), write down five things that you would like to see manifest in your life. You can list more, but sometimes it's best to limit your wishes and goals to a smaller number in order to keep your focus sharp and intention strong. As you write, imagine each goal or wish being actualized. If it helps to add a strategy or action plan after each one you list, by all means do so. Sometimes I even draw and color on my Wish List! When you're finished, fold it up and put it in a jar on a windowsill. This phase of the moon is also called the Dark Moon, so you won't be able to see it glowing in the night sky, but it'll still be generating its New Moon power!

When the month is finished, look at your Wish List and see what you were able to accomplish. At this point you can reassess and re-do, in time for the next New Moon. Happy New Moon Wishing!