Stones and Crystals

My late grandfather instilled in me a love and appreciation for rocks and minerals. I have collected them since childhood, and it wasn’t until I became an adult that I learned about their metaphysical properties. Rocks, minerals, and crystals all hold energy. Tiny quartz crystals are placed inside watches and clocks for a reason! They are able to create electricity and regulate the movement of a watch (or a clock). If you go into a shop that sells crystals and stones, or go to a rock and mineral show, hold a few, and see if you can feel anything. Particular stones may call out to you. I remember once I was holding a few hematite stones and one of them literally moved in my palm. This told me that it was meant to be “my” stone. I was in need of grounding, and hematite is one of the more effective stones for that. I carry that hematite in my purse at all times and it never fails to center and ground me when I am feeling scattered or someone or something has upset me and knocked me off balance. Agate is also great for grounding, as is anything red, black or brown in color, like obsidian, tiger’s eye, jasper, smoky quartz or black tourmaline. They also help if you feel spacey and are having difficulty concentrating.

If you meditate, there are several stones that aid in opening your third eye. A good guide for me is anything purple - the color that symbolizes spirituality. Amethyst, an amethyst crystal, and fluorite are all amazing. You can hold them, or if you have a small one, actually place it between your brows. It often creates a tingling sensation which means the third eye is being activated. Rose quartz is another favorite of mine. It is a powerful healing stone. You can place one in your bath water to calm your mind and heal your body of anything that seems to be hanging on. I once had a houseplant that I loved and it wasn’t doing well; leaves were falling off. I placed a piece of rose quartz on top of the soil in the pot, and within a couple of weeks it began to revive. If you pray (or wish to send positive energy to yourself or others), hold the rose quartz in your hand as you do so, with intention. I always feel as though the rose quartz helps to conduct the energy.

Rose quartz is associated with love and the heart, so if your heart needs some healing, or you could use some romance in your life, place a piece over your heart as you lie in the bathtub (add a cup of epsom salts for extra healing help - it is magnesium sulfate, a pure mineral compound from the earth). A couple drops of rose essential oil (or lavender) will really enhance the treatment.

There are countless stones, each holding their own special meaning. For a fun experiment, the next time you go into a shop that sells them, notice which ones you are drawn to, and then look up their metaphysical properties. You just might find that you totally need whatever it is that that particular stone is known to offer!

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