Expectations tend to create barriers and obstacles where they would not have existed otherwise. We all have expectations in life, and often times reconciling expectations with reality can be the breeding ground for disappointment. It is human nature to envision things one way in our minds. When doing that, and things do not follow the pre-written script that exists in our minds creates more issues and more chaos. I am guilty of having expectations. You are guilty of it also. We all are. We have to learn to shift our thoughts and how to carve out a Plan B, a Plan C, and as many other alternate plans as the situation calls for.

The biggest disappointment of receiving readings, I would argue, is going in to them with expectations. I have approached readings with the intent of getting the information I was seeking, as opposed to getting the information that I needed. At one point I never cared much for the reading, but more so the confirmation that I was seeking. When the reader’s guides, cards, and/or whatever tools he or she was using did not confirm my expectations, I would write that reader off. I still get upset when I realize things will not work out for me the way I wanted them to work out, but I have also learned some methods to help make readings more useful for me.

Let’s face it, you may want that one job. It is your dream job. You do not want to hear if you will get the job, you want your starting date. That is the expectation. The reality may be that the job you want so badly is not yours. It stings. It is a painful reality, but if it is not meant for you, you have to learn to cope and figure out a path forward, as opposed to choosing denial. I cannot count the times I had to face myself and tell myself the reader was not the problem, but my expectations caused the problems that I was facing because I chose to not use my reading as a guiding point, but rather dismiss it for not telling me what I wanted to hear.

Allowing yourself to be open to all information is the way to make the best of your reading. It is fine to have wants. We all do. Those wants will not always manifest, and if we are told in advance that the vision in our heads will not come to fruition then we have time to make alternate plans. If we choose denial, we end up allowing complacency to rule us. Always be open to receive whatever messages come through. They may not be what you want to hear, but they are always what you need to hear. The messages that come through are meant to help us navigate life and what lies ahead. Make the most of your readings; use them to empower yourself. Be in control of your readings, or they will control you.

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