Readings are a Collaborative Effort

Readings are a collaborative effort. Getting a reading to catch a glimpse of the future can be many things. It can be exciting. It can be scary. Whatever the experience is, it is an experience that requires a two-sided relationship between the reader and the client. If one goes into a reading with a defensive posture, arms crossed, and overly skeptical (there is a healthy amount of skepticism, but that is another blog post…) then it can change the dynamics of the reading, and possibly alter the method in which messages and information are conveyed. This is not to say that your demeanor or skepticism will alter the reading or outcomes, but it can hinder the amount of information that you receive.

As someone that gives and gets readings, I have seen both sides of the equation. I remember a friend of mine had a psychic party some years ago, and I was excited to attend. I did not necessarily understand the reader. She used a regular deck of playing cards, and she had a notebook that she would write in and then read you what she wrote as a message to you from the guides. As a tarot reader, I was skeptical of her methods. Looking back, it was close-minded on my end to expect her to read the same way that I do.

. I more or less shut down and was not receptive to what she was saying. My reading was significantly shorter than the other attendees and the information I received was limited. I paid for my reading and left the party shortly after. The majority of the attendees received good readings. They were able to confirm and verify things she relayed to them. I started feeling excluded because my reading was roughly 10 minutes, while everyone else’s was 20 or more. Everyone received a good reading, and I did not. I realized after the fact that I was closed off to her and her reading style.

I later booked a private session without the party and without anyone else in attendance. I went in with a new attitude and my reading went 10 minutes over the allotted 20-minute mark. I received a lot of information that was verifiable in the present. I am able to confirm that quite a few of her predictions worked out, and her reading style, while different than my own, was accurate and true to her. I was able to get a little information in the first session, but once I let my guard down and trusted her reading style, and went into the reading with an open mind, I was able to receive a quality reading.

If you are calling because you want to get the job at company A, but company B is where you will get hired, it may not be what you want to hear, but if hearing news that goes against your wants causes you to shut down, it is hard for the reader to continue the reading with an energy of disappointment. As a customer I had to become aware that what comes through is for my greater good, and if it is not what I want to hear that is alright. As a reader it is hard to relay bad news. I do not think any reader enjoys having to relay a message that is opposite of what the customer expects, at least I would hope not. I only know that I want to empower my customers and help them be able to move forward in the best possible way. If the news you receive is not the news you want, there is still useful information that you can utilize in moving forward. Enter into a reading with an open mind and open heart, and be receptive to what messages are being relayed, as they are for your greater good.


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