Unexpected Messages

Readings have a way of answering questions that the customer may have, and readings also have a way of providing unexpected messages. In my experience as both a reader and a customer, some of the more profound readings that I have given and received have been where messages and predictions have come through that were not answers to questions, but rather just random doses of information that are pertinent. Of course this does not apply to general readings, but readings that are specific questions. If you are asking about a job, and a prediction about your living situation or love life come through, it may be for a reason that serves your greater good.

Messages come through in all forms. It is important that you are provided the service you pay for, so by all means make sure your pressing questions are answered, but also be open to whatever else is coming through for you to hear, as it may serve you well in the future. I recall a reading I once had where my most pressing question was about a financial situation. It was of the essence, and it was a question that I felt I NEEDED answered, and it was answered, but the reader also picked up random tidbits that I did not call about.

I still remember this reading because it has impacted me, and how I do readings, and how I receive readings. In me asking about my finances, I was told that there was a friend who would help me on my journey and that a small gesture would go a long way. If I am being honest, at the time I did not care, I did not want to hear that, and I pretty much ignored it. That prediction is why I am writing this blog today.

I had been reading tarot cards for a long time, but I never read for people unknown to me, and never for a fee. To me, it was a hobby and something I felt I was good at. I also enjoyed reading the cards and allowing my intuition to strengthen. My friend set up an appointment for me to read for a stranger to me, but someone known to her. She set a fee and I almost felt forced into doing the reading, but I did it anyways. I was at ease with reading for a stranger 5 minutes in, and then a period of time had passed. My friend would tell me randomly about my predictions coming to pass for her friend. Then I began reading for people outside of my immediate circle as a result.

The bigger point of this story is that the time frame for my friend stepping in and helping me without me asking for help lined up. The outcome of my friend intervening (small gesture going a long way) was absolutely spot on. I did not want to hear anything that was not about my finances in that reading, but the message that came through was what I needed to hear, and to this day, I think of that and it echoes in my mind occasionally when I am in-between readings. The unexpected and unwanted message turned out to be beyond accurate and it was pertinent to my financial situation in some way. The point is that when entering into a reading, have your questions ready, but be receptive to any message that is being conveyed. It may be a message that changes the course of your life, and you will be able to look back and be thankful for the unexpected message you received.