Free Will

The F word is one that is plagued with many stigmas and is uttered with a different connotation attached, depending on who is speaking it. The F word in the world of psychic and tarot readings is “free will”. Free will is a tricky term and it can be weaponized by both readers and customers, depending on how it is used, so I will attempt to explain free will in a way that hopefully brings mutual understanding of the term and the definition of the term.

Scenario 1: You just got off the phone from a good reading. You were told to sit still and you would hear from an estranged significant other. You sit, you wait, you sit, you wait, and so on. You do exactly what was suggested to you. You wait. You do not initiate contact, you do not do anything that you feel may jeopardize your chance at reconnecting with your significant other. Nothing happens. You do not get a phone call, you do not get a text, and you wonder what is happening. You call your advisor again, and you explain that you did not do anything out of the ordinary and that you simply just waited. You are then told “they used their free will”.

Scenario 2: You just talked to your advisor. You were advised to lay low and to not act on impulse and emotion. You got a contact prediction, but were told to remain calm and allow it to unfold. You hold it together for a brief period of time, and then you become impatient. You send a text to your ex. You get no reply. You send another text, that is more strongly worded…still no reply. By the time this episode plays out you have called several times, left several voicemails, and sent several text messages. You are now blocked. You call your advisor, and you are told that your free will changed the outcome of the previous prediction.

Both scenarios happen often. In Scenario 1, it speaks of the free will of the subject of the reading, and not the free will of the recipient of the reading. That is where I feel readers weaponized and use “free will” to negate responsibility. In that case, the reader is the one in the wrong for placing the blame for a missed prediction elsewhere, rather than admitting a prediction was off or did not pan out as seen. That also aids in the stigma around the word, and why many feel it is a cop out. “Free will” is used as a cop out, but it not a cop out in and of itself. In scenario 2, the free will is placed on the recipient of the reading and their actions. Scenario 2 is common. There are times when the customers do interfere with outcomes by exercising free will. If a contact prediction is seen, and then the customer harasses to the point of being blocked, that is very likely to change the outcome or the reading. Predictions are not all written in stone; some are written in sand, and with a changing tide can change. Be mindful.

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