Thank you for purchasing a text message reading. Please text your name and  your 1, 2, or 3 specific questions to

1-732-630-9291. It is very likely you will receive a text between 11pm-4am est. 


Please include your name and  number each question. 1. 2. etc....


No general questions! You must have specific questions for this option. Please do not send photos. Do not ask me to do any proxy readings. (ie a reading on someone else's relationship or a reading about someone else's personal life.) Do not ask me any time frame questions (When will something happen) if a time frame is provided in a reading I will relay it to you.  


Your questions will be answered within 2-3 business days. Monday-Friday. Readings are not done on Saturday or Sunday. This means if you purchase a  reading on Friday the earliest you will receive your answers is Monday. 


If you ask a general/broad question, several questions or questions within a question you will delay your reading as you will be directed to revise your questions. After you send your questions please do not send me texts asking when you will receive your reading.